Dexa Capital

Dexa Capital is a private investment company that seeks to produce real capital appreciation and income by investing across asset classes in different geographies.  We enable outside co-investments, with our own capital anchoring all investments, ensuring perfect alignment with outside investors.


We invest across the capital structure in both public and private markets but are particularly focused on providing permanent capital to small and medium, privately-held businesses.


We are open to participate in most sectors but prefer mature businesses that solve a meaningful problem or satisfy an enduring necessity; these are businesses that have usually been in operation for years and are most likely family owned and operated.  

Permanent Capital

We know that building something meaningful takes time and a lot of work.  We provide permanent capital and support management teams in their quest to create value through hiring and retaining talented individuals and making the right long-term investments. Our holding period is indefinite. 



We are flexible and are prepared to acquire a meaningful stake in a company and take on a supporting role or to acquire 100% of the equity and take on an active role in the day-to-day operations of the company.  Every situation is different and we are prepared to adapt.



We like simplicity and we structure our operations accordingly.  We use little to no debt and don’t do financial engineering tricks.  We believe long-term value creation takes hard work and time, not clever maneuvers.


Our Strategy

We believe people are a company’s greatest asset, regardless of the industry. We seek to put the right people in the right place and with the right tools and incentives.  We then invest and manage the business with a long-term focus.